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The Power of Kindness will always make the incredible possible

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The Power of Kindness

will always make the incredible possible

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“Will you help me please on my journey of 1000 miles? Running to help the stars shine brighter for the children in countries of conflict and war.”

Can you help me give them hope of a better world?

About our mission and
why we are doing this?

A little girl realised one day that not all children live under lucky stars, where they can enjoy a world full of colour and smell freedom everyday. Where food is plentiful and water always flowing. She learned that children in war torn countries are suffering through no fault of their own, they were just born under unlucky stars.

She wanted to help, so she decided with the help from her older sister and brother to run 1000 miles and try to raise £5,000 to help make a difference to those children stars. They commenced their journey with the first mile on 29th March 2021, they truly believe for every mile they run, they can save another child’s life.

They also believe in the ‘Magic of Kindness’, that every little act of kindness can truly go along way in Powering Possible.

Video animation created by Ben (11 years old)
Photo credit: Noora Nasser/Save the Children November 2018 School bag distribution in west Al Ribat-ECHO- Yemen

How can all our donations
help the children?

Sadly many children affected by war and conflict are no longer with us, and many thousands more are hanging onto life with what little they have to survive. “We are trying to reach all children suffering from hunger, injury or disease by providing food, clean water and medical aid. By supporting Save the Children Emergency appeals, for children in the Ukraine, Yemen, Syria & Afghanistan crisis.

We can’t change the skies those children live under, but WE ALL TOGETHER can make their stars shine brighter and give them hope of a kinder world. We can’t change the world, but WE CAN change a child’s world. The more children WE HELP, the more worlds we’ve changed.


11 years old

In a displacement camp in North Western Aleppo Syria in the aftermaths of sever storms and flooding

Photo credit: Save the children 08.01.2021

Helping children with real problems


9 years old

Samia was displaced with her family from a village in Aleppo because of increasing shelling.

Photo credit: Social Development International- a save the children partner organisation 08.06.2021


Miles Ran


Funding Target Reached


Steps Done


Miles Ran


Funding Target Reached


Steps Done

Fundraising Milestone


900 miles and still running…

Been an interesting part of the running journey with slow runs after contracting Covid and coming home hot, sweaty and blotchy faced from runs in the summer heat waves. But neither Covid nor the summer heat waves was going to stop the little girl from running her 1000 miles target to give hope to children living under the unlucky stars.
October 13, 2022

800 miles and still running…

Thank you to Newcastle University Rugby Union team for their donations of £250 to help towards our £5000 target. All your kindness and generosity is really appreciated. Thank you to GBNews for having us on your show and to your viewers for their very kind donations. A thank you to BBC Radio Newcastle and local news for inviting us onto your shows too. With everyone’s kindness and generosity we’ve reached £3,784.00 and will continue to run to each £5000 to help save the children. #savechildrenuk

700 miles conquered of the 1000mile running challenge

A year long running journey so far, commenced on 29th March 2021 and still going. Motivation was dwindling, but the support for Ukrainian children  🇺🇦 now needed more than ever. This  ignited the motivation flame back up again to keep running for the next 300 miles and to reach the finish line. 700th mile highlighted with a run alongside the historic Hadrians Wall to see the famous Sycamore Gap (Robin Hood) Tree.

600 Miles completed of the 1000 miles running journey

A very cold, wet, snowy winter mile run helped reach the 600 miles. There's been sunny summer beach runs, sunset runs, windy cold Autumn runs, Christmas runs and now snowy runs. The trio on a week break to allow the tight calves, sore hamstrings and a little achilles pain to settle. Then the stretch to the 1000 miles is back on. Thank you to everyone who supported the children's cause. "Happy New Year" from their Little Heart to Yours x  

Girl’s 1,000 mile fund-raising feat

A young girl wants to inspire other children to believe in the ‘Power of Kindness’. To give just a little of their time and reach out to help other children under the not so lucky stars whom are suffering through no fault of their own.
November 12, 2021

50% of Target Achieved 😃 £2,524.00 raised so far for Children in war torn countries

Heart felt thanks to every single person that has donated to 'My Little Heart to Yours’ fundraiser. Without everyones kindness and generosity it would not have been possible to reach our half way mark. A big thank you to Newminster Middle School for their very kind and generous donation. To Morpeth U11 Jaguars football team for giving up their time on a Sunday to join/contribute an extra mile to our running miles and for their very kind donations. Thank you for the continued support of Eamon and his team at Ideographic and Pirro. Without their time and expertise this project could not happen. To Save the Children for ensuring the money you donate reaches the children on the ground. We still have another 500+miles to run in the windy, wet, cold winter months, to raise another £2,500.00 for our cause. This will enable us to help the children in war torn countries with food, clean water and medical supplies. Please help us give those children ‘hope’  and show them that there are many adults and children with kind hearts seeking to help them and to show that there is kindness in this world”. Please share My Little Heart to Yours with anyone…
October 19, 2021
Thank you

A very proud mile run and a huge ‘Thank you’ to Newminster Middle school community for their very kind donations

T had a very proud mile run at school with her PE teachers Mr Dick & Miss Simpson from Newminster Middle School. She was very touched and humbled by the support of nearly 70 of the students from her year group. They all joined in with her to complete her 255 of the 1000 miles. A huge big thank you to the teachers and every single student that came out to show their support.
Thank you

Thank you for the support St Roberts School Community

S had a thoroughly enjoyable run with Headteacher Mr Sutcliffe and the school dog “Honey” from St Roberts Primary school. They helped her reach her 250th mile of the 1000 miles run. A great big ‘Thank you’ for all the support and kind donations made by the St Roberts school community, especially to Mr Sutcliffe for his continued support.

The Charity we have partnered up with to get the money you donate to the children on the ground.

A special thanks
to our partners

Heartfelt thanks to YOU for all YOUR donations and helping us make a difference to those children’s stars. A special thanks to the children running the 1000 miles, my brothers, Eamon and the team at Ideographic and Daniel at Dan Aziz Photography and Film production. Thank you to them, for helping us put all the children’s ideas together and for making this project come to life. Showing the children that YOU can achieve anything in life through hard work, dedication and passion. By truly believing in the impossible, the incredible can happen and that any journey of a 1000 miles will always start with the 1st step.

A thousand thanks,
Salwa x

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