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50% of Target Achieved 😃 £2,524.00 raised so far for Children in war torn countries

Heart felt thanks to every single person that has donated to ‘My Little Heart to Yours’ fundraiser. Without everyones kindness and generosity it would not have been possible to reach our half way mark.

A big thank you to Newminster Middle School for their very kind and generous donation. To Morpeth U11 Jaguars football team for giving up their time on a Sunday to join/contribute an extra mile to our running miles and for their very kind donations.

Thank you for the continued support of Eamon and his team at Ideographic and Pirro. Without their time and expertise this project could not happen. To Save the Children for ensuring the money you donate reaches the children on the ground.

We still have another 500+miles to run in the windy, wet, cold winter months, to raise another £2,500.00 for our cause. This will enable us to help the children in war torn countries with food, clean water and medical supplies. Please help us give those children ‘hope’  and show them that there are many adults and children with kind hearts seeking to help them and to show that there is kindness in this world”.

Please share My Little Heart to Yours with anyone who would like to donate and support our cause.

A thousand thanks,
Salwa x