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We can change the world to be a better place for all children.

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"will you join me Run, Walk, Cycle, Swim or Hike 24,900 miles (around the world once). Exercising to help the stars shine brighter for children in countries of conflict, war and natural disasters and the hunger crisis?”

Join my challenge to help support Save the Children and be part of Team Save.

About my mission and why I want to support Save the Children

Motivated by the understanding that some children around the world live under unlucky stars and suffer through no fault of their own. A young girl committed herself to show kindness and try to help save those children. She set off on her journey of kindness by donating all her savings to her mother to pass onto the charity Save the Children. She then took on the challenge of running 1000 miles to raise £5000. Now she has a team of friends, all inspired to set their own challenges, sharing common belief in the magic of kindness to bring light to lives of children born under the unlucky stars.


“We can’t change the world, but WE CAN change a childs world. The more children WE HELP, the more worlds we’ve changed.”

How can all our donations
help the children?

Sadly many children affected by war, conflict, famine and natural disasters are no longer with us and many thousands more are hanging onto life with what little they have to survive.

The little girl, her siblings and now her friends and wider friends are setting their own exercise challenges to fundraise for children in war torn countries as Gaza, Ukraine, Myanmar, Yemen, Syria, Afghanistan, Sudan and all the children affected by natural disasters and famine.

All children taking part will be supporting Save the Children to create lasting positive change so that we can help children living under the unlucky stars today and for years to come.

“Our dream is to reach all children suffering from hunger, injury, or disease by fundraising to provide food, clean water and medical aid.”

“We can’t change the skies those children live under, but WE ALL TOGETHER can make their stars shine brighter and give them hope of a kinder world.”




Together, so far we have raised...