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About our mission and why we are doing this

A little girl realised one day that not all children live under lucky stars, where food is plentiful, water flowing and they can live safely in their own homes. She learned that children in countries of war, conflict and natural disasters are suffering through no fault of their own, they were just born under unlucky stars.

She wanted to help, so after giving all her savings of her money box to her Mum, she decided she wanted to raise thousands more to help save the children. She decided with the help of her older sister and brother that she was going to run 1000 miles and raise £5000 to help make a difference to those children stars. She commenced her journey on 29th March 2021 and has been running ever since.

“We can’t change the world, but WE CAN change a childs world. The more children WE HELP, the more worlds we’ve changed.”

Her 1000 miles was tough

Through out her 1000 mile journey her little legs ached and at times felt weak, but her siblings and friends stepped in to help her along her way. When she struggled to reach her £5000 target a little boy from her school was so inspired by her, he decided to help and started his own challenge of cycling 1000 miles to help her reach her target of £5000.


A team of friends

Now the little girl has a team of friends in her own town and as far as the other side of the world. They were so inspired and wanting to help her by setting their own challenges.

All the children truly believe in the magic of kindness, that every little act of kindness can truly go a long long way in making the stars shine brighter for children under the unlucky stars.


‘HEART’ programme (Save the Children)

Save the Children through their ‘HEART’ programme, which is ‘Healing & Education through ART’ support children as Aya. Aya lived with her parents in Mosul, but after constant bombing and airstrikes in 2014, she with her family left their home, walked for miles under the baking sun to a place of safety.

Aya as many children was scared, distressed and very withdrawn. So many children are too scared to open their eyes, others unable to speak and almost all are withdrawn due to the trauma they experienced. They no longer can interact as they try to process the world around them.

Save the Children through the HEART programme help support the psychosocial and mental wellbeing of all children living in countries of conflict. Creating a safe space for them to express their feelings through art, they help them open up, heal, interact with other children and create the space for them to be able to dream again of their futures.


Helping with medical expenses

Save the Children charity through another programme, help support children by paying for their medical expenses, as in the video with Tamara’s story. Tamara* was only out playing with her friends when a hidden mine exploded taking away part of her legs. The charity not only payed for her medical expenses, but supported her to walking again and are working with her to get her back to school and with her friends again.