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‘How can you help and be part of Team Save to support Save the Children

You can now be part of My Little Heart To Yours – TEAMS to help save the children, all you need to do is:


Your Exercise

Choose an exercise you enjoy, either running, cycling, swimming, walking or hiking with your family or friends. It can also be a combination of any exercise as walking and cycling or swimming, cycling then running as in a mini triathlon.

Your Challenge

Name your challenge and decide on the distance/milage you would like to cover (anything from 10miles to 1000 miles). You must put the distance in miles in your challenge name, as in Oscar’s 1000 mile cycle or Mya & Liby’s 25 mile swim. We have 24,900 miles to cover so your distance will go along way in helping us cover around the world once

Donation Goals

Decide on how much you would like to fundraise from £5 to whatever you choose. Remembering that any little act of kindness goes a long way in making a difference to those children’s stars.

Just Giving Page

Send us an email and we will send you an invite to join our team, you will then be sent the simple instructions on setting up your own Just Giving page.


You can send us a photo of you and your family or friends (after parental permission) of your challenge with an update and we can add you to our website updates.

Welcome Aboard

You will then be part of Team My Little Heart to Yours in support of Save the Children