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999 Miles to Date

Getting to 999 miles waas the toughest part of the challenge by far. So close yet still 100 miles to go.

Running fatigue set in after a 4 week break struggling with the flu. Her Mum told her “You can stop at anytime, you have already achieved so much.” but she adamant to reach 1000 miles and would always lace up her trainers and head out for another run!

Her first run back after the 4 week break she said “My collar bone hurt! My knees creaked and my legs felt like jelly.” But rather than stopping, she can even faster believing it will all go away. She has a break the next day and then, day by day the runs got easier. Always lacing up her trainers to reach her 1000th mile.

The little runner is going to run her 1000th mile with her close friends and football team on Saturday 8th April to celebrate the end of her fundraising journey and the start of her worldwide mission!